The United States baldheaded girl beauty contest Duo the hat bring about a fever in whole the United States
The United States baldheaded girl beauty contest Duo the hat bring about a fever in whole the United States Does the Kai pull?Does Mattel Kai pull to wear to wear false hair to contrast 22-year-old American miss Kai to pull before or after?Mattel with one action won the beauty contest title of"Delaware young lady" recently, her won an election immediately in that state is brought about "the Kai pulled a fever" to whole the United States.People of so to she the such Chi isn't only fond of only is because her beautiful facial appearance, more important she tough and resilient optimistic living manner.Originally, the Kai pulled to have no hair because of getting the spot bald disease since childhood, she was the first"baldheaded" beauty contest champion in American history, if smooth, she still had "beautiful benefit hard young lady" to hope to become first"baldheaded".

according to British medium January is 11, recently at pull the Si Wei added the state that Si City holds one class beauty contest match in, the Kai pulled just to wear to wear false hair in a game, but at another 3 in, she insisted appearing by the image of bare-headed.Even if such, she still kept winning audience and reviewing the heart of Wei.

Kai to mean while accepting an interview, she from 3 years old rise and then want to win an election a beautiful champion, but have never thought from 10 years old start, her hair is a piece of piece of to fallen off, finally is confirmed for the spot bald disease.Process so several years of treatment, although the condition has already got a control,her hair has no again grow, on the head only the 1 F very thin floss, depend on sparse still can the spot seeing big slice of is bald.Kai pulls to say, secretly she regardless goes out party with friend, still oneself never wear false hair to go shopping.Although people would looking at 2013 Homecoming Dresses her with the different taste in the beginning, on seeing her health bright shape, also release however.

the Kai pulls "beautiful benefit hard young lady" beauty contest big match that will soon represent war in Delaware to hold on the 15th.If can finally win an election, so the Kai pulls to be first"baldheaded""beautiful benefit hard young lady" and become ten thousand many stars for focusing attention.However, for have been already obtained of good result, the Kai pulls a performance to be cooler:"'Beautiful benefit hard young lady'should be all games that the girls can participate in, the body dyes paroxysm the girl is certainly no exception."
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