Basalt Crushing Line Project
Basalt Crushing Line Project Basalt hardness is higher, and with more silicon, which leads to a higher cost in actual crushing operation. Basalt crushing process needs to be designed reasonably. The cost of production line must be taken into account when considering the crushing cost of investment projects. In many stone quarries that do not have many requirements of final product shape, usually we recommend using jaw crusher and cone crusher. Wearing parts for jaw crusher, spring cone crusher are timeproof for using laminated principle, so using cost is low relatively. However, their production shape type is not very good for the same reason, and the flakiness stone content is relatively more, and there are many cracks within the stone, so they are not suitable to be used in high-grade constructions. Compared with cone crushers, customers prefer using impact crusher under this condition. The most obvious feature of impact crusher is able to produce high quality construction aggregate. And the selling price of construction aggregate is higher in the market. But the cost of its spare parts is more than the equivalent yield fine type jaw crusher and cone crusher. Flakiness stone and original smooth stone used for construction are difficult to achieve mechanical properties. Therefore, impact crusher is mainly used for building stone crusher field to provide high-quality construction aggregate used in roads, railways, airports, terminals, high-rise buildings. If the market have certain requirements for stone shape, and the users wants to reduce the cost of wearing parts, they can be consider using jaw crusher and cone crusher as the primary and second crusher respectively, impact crusher on the third position. This not only reduces the cost of impact crusher spare parts, can also brings high-quality aggregate.
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