Analysis of Sand Making Plant
Analysis of Sand Making Plant Analysis of Sand Making Plant In sand making plant, we always meet problems, for example, the feeding size is large, and the capacity is small. When we equip the sand making plant, if capacity is higher, the cost will be high. Therefore, when the proportion of large size is small, we can choose the hammer to install on the excavator. The material goes into the primary crusher and meets the feeding size requirements. If the proportion is large, we will have to choose the sand making plant of larger capacity. In the end of the sand making plant, there is the sand washing part. The sand washing machine requires the feeding size less than 10mm. For the material less than 1mm, the fine sand should be sent into the recovery device, as the mesh diameter is 2mm. For the pollution of sand making plant, we should choose the dust collector device according to the customers' requirements. The dust collector, dust remover and water spray device are all optional.
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