Shanghai Shunky Vibrating Screen is of Premium Quality and Various Advantages
Shanghai Shunky Vibrating Screen is of Premium Quality and Various Advantages With the gradual increase of construction project, the main material used in building process—more aggregate is needed. Traditional aggregate is in obvious short supply. The proportion of artificial sand is increased; however, the material quality of the stone has an impact on the shaping of concrete, which needs the vibrating screen from Shunky a lot. The adoption of Shunky vibrating screen in the whole process of sand making makes sand making technique more mature, the quality of finished sand better, wider working range and a higher level for artificial sand quality. In order to meet the demand emerging from the process of infrastructure development, the advantage of large size sand making equipment is more obvious. Under the circumstance of complete automation and environmentally friendliness of sand making equipment and stone producing equipment, the improvement of the quality and performance of finished sand is key point when clients choosing equipments. Vibrating screen can eliminate impurities from sand and make the finished artificial sand more competitive in the market. Nowadays, natural sand is less and less due to the unordered exploitation of natural sand. The quality of sand is getting worse while in construction process, the requirement for the quality of sand is tighter. Vibrating screen is equipment for washing and selecting sand. Through the selecting and washing process of the vibrating screen, the stone, soil will be washed and the quality will be improved. The vibrating screen researched and developed by Shunky has the advantages of easy operation, convenient maintenance, little energy consumption, stable operation, strong productivity and high washing level. In order to make the vibrating screen get better performance, the working staff should check the enclosure and the temperature of rotor and the noise of motor. The operation instruction should be referred regularly to check if the screw of the vibrating screen has any problem.  
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