Come to Philippines to hold a bottom of sea wedding to need 3000-4000 dollars
Come to Philippines to hold a bottom of sea wedding to need 3000-4000 dollars The ocean is always a free symbol.A lot of New appointees all hope to leave customs and hubbub and hold a bottom of sea wedding now.In the bottom of sea, is a companion with coral, put slow floating light music, bride's bridegroom is lightly moving to dance, such as mermaid and prince, took the guests into the fantasyland of dreamlike sort.Perform be over after, "mermaid's princess" and"prince" holds hands to walk into wedding hall and slowly opens the trip of their romantic marriages.Then invite the technical personnel whom the wedding dress photograph to minute down this romantic but fine time as to be in remembrance of.In Philippines, hold one wedding like this, needs renminbi 3000-4000 dollars Park in the lotus lake marries yarn to photograph popular outdoor scene ground Because the weather becomes fair, park in the lotus lake not only becomes the ground for choosing of a lot of heads that the citizen play, but also becomes a lot of good whereaboutses that the proper marriage youth choices take a wedding picture.Park in the lotus lake from Be finished later the view continuously promotes, the tourist spots, such as a flower still a fountain and long gallery...etc. regardless planting inside the park all very have a special feature, are the head that the New appointees clap the wedding picture record happy 2013 Homecoming Dresses moment ground for choosing.
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