Decade come of world young lady's champion big stocktaking, see who the most beautiful
Decade come of world young lady's champion big stocktaking, see who the most beautiful In 2010 young lady world:American beauty second Li mountain Delhi is second 2009 of Si of rice Er young lady world:The Gibraltar beauty card Yi boon Er much 2008 of the inside Ni Ao young lady world:The Russian beauty gram thanks Ni Ya Davor Suker because of promise child 2007 young lady world:Chinese 2006 of Zhang Zi Lin of beauty young lady world:Czech beauty tower tower Nuo 2005 of child of Luo of database a kind of insect young lady world:2004 of the Iceland beauty unnur vilhjalmsdottir young lady world:2003 of beauty maria garcia in Peru young lady world:Ireland beauty Luo mulberry Nuo of Si of David young lady world:Turkey beauty the Ci pull graceful 2001 of gold young lady world:Nigeria beauty space Ba Ni reach Rui Ge

Wen Si Lai especially claps a protrait shape to"have a full figure" too much is sneered at by the net friend The friend derision"see the trace of years", "can not with Rose in that year associate together".

according to the "today news" news in Taiwan, is the Kai especially?Wen Si Lai especially after perform 0 Titanic 0 medium of the dime of"Rose" the reputation big Zao.The external world often discusses the shape that she more has a full figure, even has medium poison tongue's calling once that she is "fatty".She once was candid in saying as well and lacked self-confidence to own body.Was once been "fat younger sister" by the classmate derision in childhood, also be traversed an anti- lock by the Ba storing a cabinet, let her once feel "she was 2013 Homecoming Dresses all unmarriageable forever".

Kai especially Wen Si Lai especially of in the photograph, the meat looks a bit loose, in fact she is previous she once acknowledgement:"I similar to general woman, I have orange skin organization and have belly, chest already have a little next hang.

"however she now also ability calm target for facing outside critique, thinking the life that finds out oneself, far compare outward appearance of importance
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