Competition in Crusher Industry Promotes Technological Innovation
Competition in Crusher Industry Promotes Technological Innovation China crusher industry experienced a period of rapid development before the year 2011. During the 10-year period, crusher manufacturers from springs from about 10 to hundreds, moving from Henan province to the first-tier city Shanghai which is located in central China. Many manufacturers are optimistic about this trade opportunity and they buy land and build factories in Shanghai. 2004 Bauma Exhibition in Shanghai has many foreign manufacturers as the main role. But in Bauma 2012, Chinese manufacturers became the protagonist. In view of products displayed by various manufacturers, China is experiencing a technological change. To compete for survival and development, many manufacturers began to introduce foreign technology. The crawler mobile crushing plant, hydraulic jaw crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, new sand making machine became the highlight of the show. Due to the increase of manufacturers, customers have more choices when inquiring. At present, the price advantage has been unable to adjust to the fierce competition in the market. In order to improve competitiveness, only continuous technological innovation and providing more and better products can win the favor of customers.  
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