Analyze in 2011 western wedding process
Analyze in 2011 western wedding process The New appointees in nowadays to past those 1000 times all the Chinese wedding have been no longer interested in, they fall overboard for romance more now the western wedding of pleasant impression is only.Even if so, you knows to the 2011 western wedding process how much?Might as well understand through nether introduction bottom.Be dressed in a white wedding dress, hold fresh flowers, under the keeping company with of father, head for lover, promise promise to the whole life and mutually guard in the church, this is you sacred but romantic of western wedding.Currently, there are a lot of marriages in Peking celebrate companies can provide a western wedding.

in 2011 western the wedding process-rites, location:The choice is more formal, solemn and private better place, for example:Church, and floret park...etc..

in 2011 western wedding process-New appointee clothing:Bride's wedding dress, bridegroom's lounge suit or full dress.

western wedding process-set out on the scene:The color that takes according to the maid of honor, the color keynote of assurance wedding, then carry on the adornment of fresh flowers.If is in the church, can decorate fresh flowers and silk ribbon on the bench of carpet two sides, decorate a candle on the altar, construction the wedding atmosphere of sanctity romance;If is in the etc. natural environment in garden, can use the rites area that does a rites set, then leads with the fresh flowers road to decorate you in the flower door.

western wedding process-rites time arrange in 2011: 17:00 wedding riteses start:The father stands to behind in the platform.The maid of honor enters;The maid of honor and best mans face a guest the horoscope row open a station like.The ring kid enters and hands over the ring to the father hand; 17:03 bride Wans wear a father Cheap Homecoming Dresses enter, bride's father hands over the bride to bridegroom's hand; 17:10 exchange a ring to also take an oath:After exchanging a ring, the bride, bridegroom promises a promise one by one under the leading of host; 17:15 chief witness at a wedding ceremonies address; 17:20 riteses complete:Music rings out, the New appointee backs a field, and the guest throws to spread flower petal to the New appointee; 17:30 take a picture:BE taken photo to keep as memory for New appointee and friend by two photographers; Western wedding process-party time arranges in 2011: We is that you arranged for 5 hours dinner: 17:40 weddings turn into party to continue to carry on on the scene:The guests continuously walk into a living room, the guest teams play music to mean to welcome.Various beverage and open the stomach small vegetables to get ready to can be provided as the guests to enjoy in advance before the meal.The guests choose their his/her own place card; 18:30 guests take the seat, bridegroom's bride gets into a restaurant.Ascend a vegetables first, the bellboys give champagne of guest Zhen, the best man wish a phrase, then is a bridegroom, bride to wish a phrase, vivid arrangement; 19:after 00 appetizers use up, bridegroom's bride does the first dance.Then the best man maid of honor and other guestseses get into dance floor to dance together; 19:30 everybodies re- take the seat to wait for staple food; 20:after 00 staple foods use up, the dancing party continues; 20:30 bridegrooms and brides slice cake together and enjoy while being provided for the guests to continue to dance a spare time; 21:after 00 brides throw nosegay, music continues, Discount bridesmaid dresses the New appointee is between the guests wear the shuttle as them of coming and meaning with gratitude.Coffee and various after meal beverage can be provided as guest to enjoy, the music band gives musical performance for the last dance; 22:00 music be overs, the guests continuously leave

Beauty's the fresh flowers companion romantic bride's hand holds a flower strategy guide The common saying says that the beauty still wants a fresh flowers companion to, on the romantic wedding, go together with a to tie on bride's wedding good-looking bride's hand holds a flower is had better however of, absolutely for you of the wedding increase a color not a few, but face "flower of world" that the species are of a great variety, grew fresh flowers to all include the flavor and meaning that it possesses singly by itself each time, exactly which bride's hand holds flower suitable you, are "extremely going together with" with you?The brides of cleverness at once repair lesson, at make up missed lesson outside, the small plait still recommends for you the parts of marriage celebrates a company, they bride's hand holds a flower to do beautifully, besides which, Cheap evening dresseswedding's planning is fascinatingly also equal, hope to have a help to your wedding
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