Coming to moxa to think sense of vision to discover is special of you
The yellow mountain area wedding dress photographs to swim quietly rise Takes view nature beauty of lakes and mountains and spends a holiday area to clap Shanghai style romantic feeling and goes to the jadeite valley to search a love stone to the east yellow mountain in view wood plank way in the peace lake according to the yellow mountain newspaper report way & & yellow mountain area 100 good photograph to order beautiful natural person literary atmosphere of light and perfect hardware service facilities, become periphery everyplace wedding dress shadow the building and lovers take a wedding picture or personal protrait of ideal ground of, visitor is since play the fully enjoy clap again Cheap Homecoming Dresses comfortable heart, wedding dress' photographing to swim has already gradually become that area tour market lately a little bit hot.

recently, spent a holiday area writer to see in the east yellow mountain, although wasn't weekend but view area to still keep stopping not a few cars.Introduces according to the staff member of view area, have every weeks since March 20 many is fatty to come from copper Ling and match, Xuan Cheng Deng's ground of lovers while copying the arrangement of building company, 32 takes a view to take photo on the flower.A shadow building staff member who comes from copper Ling says to the writer:"This kind of will travel with wedding dress and photograph to combine together and take the natural scene of tour circuit as background, form of the newly arisen wedding dress take a way and just and more and more draw on to pursue the young man of vogue.

"according to understanding, the view's area in order to do a hot market further, have already created an image creation with Ao in the Wu lake, the company cooperates to create "Wen Sha Luo Man international showbiz base", Cheap evening dressesthe base expects a product demonstration after gathering the solid European view, independent disguise area, copy building area is integral whole, provide for the visitor of lovers all-directions thoughtful serve.

in recent years, the area tour's section aims at day by day rise of the wedding dress photograph to swim a market, well integrate tour resources in the district and"100 good photograph a point" and create and expand the special feature tour that regards"be dressed in a wedding dress to travek" as the topic a product.2012 drew on to come from matching is fatty, copper Ling, Wu lake, Huai south etc. ground about 30 well-known wedding dresses photographs to copy building of the photographers come to adopt a breeze investigation and aroused a wedding dress to photograph to swim a market gradually rise.That area opens widely a marketing outlet further this year, abundant"be dressed in a wedding dress to travek" travels the content of product, continuously push a wedding dress to photograph to travel with protrait market rise.

Autumn the autumn wedding of the wedding plans a project Autumn is the seasonal changes of results, the color is gorgeous, the season fresh clear color would be a head to choose, such as all of red gold, orange and fire are necessary color chemical elements autumn seasonal changes.How bring in you to the joy for harvesting wedding, hold a successful autumn wedding.Please see the reference project that the small plait collect for you

Expert 30 recruit to decline for you low cost do a honourable wedding The wedding dress rents to compare to buy worthwhile, date of wedding choice can in the off season, the 5 F big cake in the center hides of thin ice layer, not only protect fresh and add Gao cake of height & & we collected for you here 30 kinds declines a low cost small key, from prepare and plan a wedding style to establish menu, from prepare music arrives purchase fresh flowers and well makes use of each a piece of money, let you do a good wedding very honourablely while doing not outrun a budgetary circumstance

Coming to moxa to think sense of vision to discover is special of you Moxa in Peking thinks a sense of vision wedding dress to photograph utility room to concentrate on taking of various type work and includes a creativity wedding dress to photograph, private make to order a protrait to photograph, the cover photograph, the advertisement Discount bridesmaid dresses photograph, the Tao treasure store goods photograph a mold card especially, see the set shine on, wedding with clap, heel makeup, the company movable meeting takes etc..The wedding dress of its work at Peking photographs boundary more with the vogue, the advanced Zhao calls.Moxa's thinking a sense of vision wedding dress to photograph the wedding dress that the utility room releases to photograph a set to fasten is as well thoughtful substantial
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